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Short Biography of Ghanaian Afrobeat and dancehall artist Ruddy Upstart

Short Ruddy Upstar biography

Ruddy Upstar, whose real name is Musah Abdul Mumin Jaany is one of the well known artists in Ghana. The 24 year old      Afrobeat reggae dancehall singer is very successful despite his young age. In fact, he is one of the artists that got very high recognition during the release of Everything God, together with his team. All this and more will be found in the following Ruddy Upstar biography brief. Read on to understand a few things about the well accomplished artist who can be a great role model to many in Ghana and beyond. Ruddy is a renowned artist in Ghana that is known for good     Afrobeat reggae dancehall songs. He has collaborated with Ghana's best in the music industry which goes to show that he has potential for becoming successful even more. This coupled with his hard work and passion, Ruddy Upstar appears to be an unstoppable force in the Ghanaian and African musical scenes.   Biography Ruddy Upstar profile,
Nationality: Ghanaian
Occupation: Artist/Musician Famous for: He is well known for his excellent hip hop music Facebook: Ruddy Upstar
Twitter:@Ruddy Upstar
Instagram:@Ruddy Upstar
    The following is a educational biography of Ruddy Upstar the successful hip hop artist in Ghana. Read on to know more about him. Ruddy Upstar education Going by  Ruddy age, one can tell that the young musician left school a few years ago. So which SHS did Ruddy Upstar attend? Well, it is clear that Ruddy Upstar was in junior high school as this is where he got his name from his then school dad. The name was drawn from the fact that his songs mainly revolved around hospitals and medical practitioners. On Ruddy Upstar career, It is clear that Ruddy Upstar began his singing early in life, when he was still in school. He has always had a liking for the medics including doctors, nurses and surgeons hence his musical content. His intention was always to prove that he was a sick singer in the industry. True to this, he has proven over the years that he is dope and worth being listened to. Ruddy Upstar is known for being one of the hard working artist in the industry. He has released some songs and collaborated with other artists in Ghana. Some of his common releases include   - Private enemy,
,In your eyes, Everything God, just to mention a few . Being a young talented artist, He is passionate about what he does as it is something he intends to use to inspire the youth to achieve whatever they want. His great work can be recognized through his dedication for the music industry.
To know more about Ruddy's parents, there it is; Ruddy Upstar is a son to Mr Hussein Musah Jaany and Mrs Musah Alimatu Mr of Madina-Adenta; a suburb in Accra-Ghana. In case you have been wondering how old is Ruddy Upstar then know that the young artist is 24 years. The reason why Ruddy Upstar 2018 continues to be a hit with most Ghanaians is because of his great songs. Ruddy is known for putting a good amount of effort in his songs hence the masterpieces that he always comes up with.

This had make Ruddy Upstar great and recognise In the Ghanaian music industry. Follow Ruddy Upstar on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram